Projects too good not to share!

SMHS teacher Dayna Howlett has shared (with permission) recent student accomplishments worth mentioning...
To conclude our Genetics unit in SBI4U, students were asked to dig deeper into how our genetics are an important factor when it comes to Covid-19. This virus is an issue that has impacted the globe worldwide and therefore, it is important that the public understand how our own individual genes come into play during this time. Students had to research and relay this information in a way that was easily accessible since brochures, pamphlets, and posters are not effective means of communication right now. Three great submissions for this assignment were done by Carly Johnston, Camille Beattie-Cue, and Jacob Bodera.
Carly made a video that clearly explains many of the basic genetic concepts that are necessary for understanding how Covid-19 works within our bodies. Her video includes some great visuals and fact-based research from credible scientific sources. 
Camille made two social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) that share important information surrounding genetics as well as new findings and and research currently being done on Covid-19. She intends to keep her pages updated and continue sharing the latest information on the virus - definitely give @MyBiologyCorner a follow to keep up to date!
Jacob wrote an in-depth and informative interview that (hypothetically) took place between himself, Justin Trudeau, the CEO of the World Health Organization. Jacob's interview does a great job of clearly explaining how this virus started, how it spread, and what can be done moving forward, while clearing up common misconceptions.