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SMHS School Outdoor Improvements
The TCJ3C/4C tried something different this year. We identified some areas around the school that could use some improvements; we made a proposal and proceeded to get busy. Through the generosity of Paton Bros. Landscaping, Duane Hiemstra (School Bd) for materials and some financial donations we managed to complete 2 significant projects - Our first area was the front of the school and our Memorial garden. All flagstone in the area was unearthed and repurposed. We redesigned the garden and added an appropriate walkway to honor the staff and students on our memorial stone. Our second area was to enhance the back of the school with a wind break fence for the back patio, an extension of the patio with a pergola and some more flower beds for a meditative area. 
The TCJ3C/4C students are to be congratulated for some fine work - they developed some life skills, added a little sweat, a little effort and provided some lasting improvements to our school that the construction students can take pride in for years to come.
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Dave Baughman, teacher
Communications Technology
St. Marys High School
Woodstock, Ontario
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French Flag Day