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ATTENTION: To All parents who have a student in Grade 12


We need your help!

The school yearbook class had to alter their plans to deliver a book that the entire school could share. Through lockdowns and altered timetables our ability to create a book has been hampered by the simple fact there are no photos to utilize. There were no individual pictures, events, sports, field trips, clubs, celebrations or assemblies, which fill our book with timeless memories for our students to keep for years. The yearbook itself captures a moment of time that we all reflect on fondly.

We have come up with an alternative we think can turn this lost year into something that they can enjoy despite the situation they were forced to endure. Our idea is to create a Grade 12 only memory book – but we need your help. We would like every student that is currently registered in grade 12 to email 4 photos of themselves to a designated address. We would then take these photos along with a short paragraph of 3 or 4 sentences and add it their photos. This book we create would be approx. 20 – 24 pages long and will hopefully have their entire class in it. We are asking for specific photos that can be taken on a phone and sent into the school. Old photos using your phone can be sent as well.



1 – Individual portrait picture – recent picture

2 – favourite hobby or sport – camping, fishing, baseball, hockey, skateboarding, etc.

3 – friends shot – a group shot of you and your friends – this would have to be something that has already been taken because of isolation rules.

4. Your absolute favourite shot of yourself – at any age. Formal, casual, award, family, etc.


Write up – short paragraph of each

1 – favourite memory at high School.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


If we can get a large percentage of responses this is a doable project. The problem with the plan is, we are under a pretty tight deadline. The class ends in 4 weeks. So, in order to get all the information together, put it into a book format, in alphabetical order, we would need a majority of this into the school by Monday, February 15. We can then start the work on the Monday. We are not sure of overall costs yet but will do our best to keep it reasonable. Your help is greatly appreciated, and we hope worthwhile. We really are trying to give our seniors something special to take with them. As is our tradition we will have the special pages as well – Valedictorian, “Most Likely to” and If things lighten up at all, we will include the graduation and prom if it is a possibility. By submitting photos, you are granting permission/consent for the photos to be used in the memory book. All photos will be screened by the advisor for approval.


Thank you



Dave Baughman, Yearbook Advisor

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