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Bus Cancellations During Exams

January 26, 2023

Bus cancellations can take place throughout the school year as a result of inclement weather, mechanical issues, or driver shortage. During exam days, the following expectations will be followed to support the completion of end of semester exams when a bus cancellation is communicated to schools and students/parents.


When an individual bus route is cancelled:

· Students who cannot get to school on their own will write the exam on the Exam Review Day.

· If there are 2 days impacted for the same student(s), one exam will be scheduled to be written at the start of the day, i.e., 8 am, and the other at midpoint of the school’s day.

· When more than 2 exams are to be written on the same day for a student, the school must factor in time between each exam for a stretch/washroom break, nutrition or lunch, and exam review.

· The school must arrange for an exam room(s) and supervision to support student exams needing to be rescheduled on the Exam Review Day.

· Students required to write rescheduled exams on the Exam Review Day would be provided another opportunity to meet with their semester teachers to support the review of the exam, if applicable. Buses are scheduled to run on Exam Review Day.

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