​​Guidance and Career Education plays a central role by preparing s​tudents for a complex and changing world. The Guidance  program has a specific focus on learner, interpersonal, and career development with the following goals:
  • teach career awareness early and throughout students' education;
  • ensure that students have the skills they need to set and achieve their learning goals now and in the future;
  • teach students the skills to make transitions throughout their lives, to work and/or further education and training;
  • prepare students to live in an increasingly diverse society by helping them develop the ability to interact positively and work effectively in a range of settings

Guidance Staff

Parents and students are encouraged to contact the Guidance Staff for any assistance with academic, personal and career counselling throughout the school year. 

Counsellors are organized by the first letter of the student's last name:    

Mrs. Popovich                                                                    A-K:    Mrs. Popovich, Ext. 27042
Mrs. Copeland                                                              L-Z:    Mrs. Copeland, Department Head, Ext. 27041
Mrs. Montigny                                                      Mrs. Montigny, Guidance Secretary, Ext. 27040