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Principal’s Message

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Mr. Tony D’Oria


tdoria@ldcsb.ca / Ext. 27001


Welcome to St. Mary's Catholic High School in beautiful Woodstock, Ontario. We feel truly blessed that you and your child have chosen our Catholic School Community for your high school education.


Over the last 2 decades we have established a reputation as a high academic achieving school that provides a wide variety of choices for students so they can grow to their full potential and be prepared for post-secondary school life. Our entire staff works hard so that every student feels that they belong and are supported in achieving their goals.


We look forward to building relationships with students and partnering with parents as together we share in the exciting educational journey. I look forward to meeting you soon and invite you to feel free to reach out to me anytime to discuss your experience with us.

Vice Principal's Message

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Ms. Kimberly Tornabuono


ktornabuono@ldcsb.ca / Ext. 27002

Welcome Warriors! As your new Vice-Principal to SMHS, I am excited to be part of the school community!


Congratulations on choosing SMHS and becoming a Warrior! SMHS is an incredible community that is full of Spirit, Tradition and Pride.


The staff and community are excited as you begin a new journey in your life. I encourage you to get involved in the school community in a variety of ways including (academics, arts, athletics, and clubs) to challenge yourself to be the best Warrior you can be!


Remember to treat each person with dignity and respect and to follow the Golden Rule – “In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law of the prophets.” Matthew 7:12.


What are some of the differences between elementary and high school? 


  • Semester System (only 4 full classes per semester)
  • Moving from Class to Class
  • 2 different lunches in the cafeteria
  • More variety in courses
  • Final Exam periods in January and June
  • More independence and responsibility for students
  • More homework
  • Group projects are often required so students need to work well with others
  • Time management and organizational skills are keys to success
  • Remember that staff and administration want students to succeed and grow, but students must speak up if something isn’t going well.

St. Mary’s Catholic High School – Class Times

8:45 a.m. – 10:05 a.m.


Period 1


10:10 a.m. – 11:25 a.m.


Period 2


11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.


Period 3

First Lunch 11:30 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.

12:15 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.


Period 4

Second Lunch 12:50 p.m.  – 1:30 p.m.

1:35 p.m. – 2:50 p.m.

Period 5



St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School

 Uniform Policy

In School = In Uniform (including lunch and before school)

St. Mary’s Catholic High School is part of the London District Catholic School Board and as such follows the values expressed through our faith and the gospel teachings. In a faith, centered environment, the uniform

calls us to solidarity of our beliefs and the common good. Students should take care in their personal appearance and wear the uniform of St. Mary’s with pride as you are ambassadors for our school. Uniforms should be clean, and in good condition and must be worn properly with no modifications.




  • Students are expected to be in full school uniform every day while you are in the building from when you arrive until the sound of the bell at the end of the day. Uniforms must be worn while on spare, at lunch in the cafeteria, halls between classes and in the forum.  This means once you arrive in the building you are expected to go to your locker and drop off all non-McCarthy’s apparel (coats, jackets, sweaters and hoodies) and get into full uniform (If it is cold students can layer up with their uniform items) until they leave at 2:50 p.m. at the sound of the bell, except for any scheduled monthly out of uniform days or spirit wear days. 
  • While it is the desire of teachers and administration to support students in regular daily attendance, those who are not in complete uniform at school will need to contact a parent/guardian for uniform assistance or expect to be sent home to change. Therefore, students who are out of uniform must report to the Vice Principal upon arrival at school.
  • The school will work with families who require financial assistance. 
  • Parents and students should realize that persistent and habitual neglect of the school’s uniform dress code is a breach of the Code of Behaviour and will result in a formal suspension. The Principal/Vice-Principals are the final arbitrators of uniform and dress code issues. 
McCarthy’s Uniform


All uniform pieces must be purchased from R. J. McCarthy Uniform Ltd. located at 431 Newbold St. in London (519-646-2913). All students registered and attending St. Mary’s Catholic High School must be in full uniform daily. For a complete list of uniform pieces, please visit McCarthy’s website @ www.mccarthyuniforms.ca


  • The outer layer of the uniform (excluding pants/kilts/shorts) must have a St Mary’s uniform insignia).
  • A St. Mary’s white shirt must be worn with all outwear pieces.
  • An exception is the navy-blue zip top, which may be worn with a white collared shirt.
  • A solid white or navy t-shirt may be worn under shirts.
  • Coloured t-shirts or t-shirts with logos are not allowed. 

St. Mary’s High School Dress Code Rules



  • Belts must be black or navy fastened properly through all belt loops. Belt buckles should not be excessive in size, style or colour and should not depict or represent values contrary to those of the school. If a shirt is tucked in, it must be tucked in all the way and all the way around the waist. Oxford shirts must be tucked in at all times.  Box cut shirts, rugby shirts and golf shirts may be worn loosely outside of the pant waist.

Cover Ups

  • Only McCarthy cover-ups are allowed in classrooms. All non-uniform cover-ups must be kept in lockers. Hooded sweatshirts are not allowed and are not to be worn in the building. Coats must be placed in lockers and are not allowed in classrooms.
  • Dress or running shoes are to be in good working repair and should be worn with socks.
  • No tucking in of pant legs into footwear.
  • No extreme colour or styles.
  • Sandals are allowed as a substitute to regular footwear with the understanding that these are worn at the student’s own risk since they do not provide adequate foot protection. For safety reasons, we strongly recommend that flip flops/beach shoes not be worn. Instead, strapped sandals should be worn for safety reasons.
Hair/Head Coverings
  • Students should wear hairstyles and hair colours that do not distract from the uniform or the focus of learning for other students. Hair should be clean, neat in appearance, and reasonably styled or coloured. 
  • Any type of head covering is not permitted inside the school; this includes bandanas, hats of any type or skullcaps or hair bands. Hair bands (females) are to be no wider than 2.5 cm or 1 inch.
  • Such items will be confiscated by the staff and administration and a parent will need to come in and pick them up. The school does NOT accept any financial responsibility for these items. Don’t bring and/or wear them to school!
  • Jewelry worn should not be excessive in size or number. It should not distract from or show disrespect for the uniform. Dog collars, spiked collars or wrist bands, belt chains, excessively heavy chains or jewelry depicting or using symbols that are not in keeping with the gospel values of the school will not be permitted. Facial piercing, other than unobtrusive ear piercing, is not No facial piercings are permitted. Any jewelry that is a safety concern shall be removed immediately upon the request of the teacher and/or administration.


Modifications to the Uniform


Modifications to the uniform of any kind are not permitted. This includes but is not limited to: rolling up of pant legs, splitting pant leg seams, tucking pants into socks or footwear, or tying or fastening the uniform in any manner. No form of layering is allowed, e.g. lace or sheer tops. Kilts may not be rolled up at the waist or altered in any way. 


Uniforms and Field Trips


It is the policy of the London District Catholic School Board that uniforms be worn on all field trips. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the principal for reasons of safety or appropriateness for the purpose/activity of the field trip.


Charity Days – Off Uniform Dress Code


One day each month shall be designated as a Charity Day. A recommended donation of two dollars will be collected from students during period 1 who wish to wear their civvies clothes. All proceeds will go to the specified local charity to support youth needs. Although students are not required to be in uniform, the following dress code will be expected:


  • All clothes worn on Charity Days must comply with the values and beliefs of Catholicism to foster a positive learning environment.
  • Students must comply with the standard of dress outlined in the St. Mary’s Uniform Policy.
  • On Charity Days, students may wear clothing that are not uniform items with the following guidelines:


  • Clothes that reveal bare midriffs or cleavage are not to be worn.
  • Pants must be worn at the waist.
  • Head coverings of any type are not permitted.
  • Strapless blouses or shirts may not be worn.
  • Spaghetti straps, halter and tank tops are not permitted.
  • Sheer, lace cover-ups are not permitted to be worn.
  • Pant legs (including hem lines for shorts and skirts) must be worn at the appropriate length as per the uniform policy and thus may not be rolled up. Capri style pants are permitted.
  • Shorts, dresses and skirts must be worn no shorter than arms-length and must be longer than the middle finger when hands are placed at sides.


Any questionable clothing item will be addressed by a staff member and/or administration.


GST Day (Good Samaritan Team)

The first Wednesday of every month of school, students are permitted to wear their red GST shirt along with their uniform bottoms. Wearing the GST shirt shows that the student supports anti-bullying and belonging initiatives.  Students are encouraged to purchase the GST for a nominal fee in support of these initiatives at the school to help support that all feel they belong to the school community.


Spirit Wear Day

The last Wednesday of every month of school, students are permitted to wear their spirit wear clothing. This clothing can include items purchased from participating on a sports team, club or the St. Mary’s spirit wear items. These items of spirit wear are only to be worn on the designated spirit wear days and are NOTpart of the school uniform.


Physical Education Uniforms

Students are encouraged to write their name on all uniform items to avoid loss or misplacement in the change rooms. The following attire is mandatory for gymnasium use:


  • A SMCHS Phys Ed t-shirt (to be purchased from the Phys Ed teacher).
  • Navy or black shorts.
  • Running shoes (non-marking).
  • White sweat socks.
  • Sweat-suits (navy or grey) may be worn for outside activities. No jeans or cargo pants.
  • Under NO circumstance is a student to modify the Phys Ed uniform (i.e.: cutting sleeves, rolling or tying up of shirts/shorts).


The Ontario Physical and Health Education Association guidelines stipulate that jewelry of any kind is not to be worn during physical education classes. This includes all piercings. Street shoes are not allowed on the gym floor at any time. The student is responsible for bringing medical devices to every class. Students are reminded to leave all valuables locked in their lockers.


Consequences for Uniform Non-Compliance


Students who do not comply with the code will not be permitted to class.  If a student is missing a uniform part, the following options are available:

  • Borrow a uniform or uniform piece from a friend.
  • Call home to have the uniform or missing uniform piece delivered, or,
  • Student is sent home to retrieve uniform or uniform piece, or,
  • Student will have one opportunity to select an item or items from the used uniform supply of St. Mary’s Catholic High School (if available – note this supply is very limited). Students will ONLY be able to access this once a semester (a binder will be kept recording all students’ uniform infractions).


Students who continually wear out of uniform pieces (i.e. hats) may have them confiscated until the end of the day. Excessive opposition to the school uniform policy may result in having a parent/guardian required to pick-up the non-uniform items. Uniform infractions are subject to progressive discipline.


Final decision for non-compliance will be made by the Principal or Vice-Principal.


Lockers are the property of St. Mary’s Catholic High School and the London District Catholic School Board. Students will be issued a locker at the beginning of each school year. Lockers will be inspected at the end of each school year and restitution will be made for damages.


A school issued Dudley combination lock with a serial # must be purchased from the school at a cost of $8.00. Lockers are the property of the school and may be entered by an administrator.  Each student is responsible for his or her assigned locker. Lockers may not be shared, and students are not allowed to change their assigned locker. Students should protect their property by putting their name on all books and keeping their equipment and valuables in the locker, which should always be locked.  Do not give your combination to any other student.  The school will not assume responsibility for any stolen articles.



First Semester

Second Semester


·      Classes Begin and Welcome Week

·      Club Day and Parent Night

·      Photo Day


·      Second Semester begins

·      First Semester Final Report Cards

·      Course Registration for Next Year


·      Photo Retake Day

·      Progress Reports

·      Parent Teacher Interview Night


·      Progress Reports

·      Parent Teacher Interview Night

·      March Break


·      Midterm Report Cards
Term 2 Begins

·      Take Our Kids to Work Day


·      Midterm Report Cards

·      Term 2 Begins

·      EQAO Literacy Test


·      Christmas Assembly and Christmas Break


·      Catholic Education Week

·      Student Council Elections


·      First Semester Exams

·      Grade 9 EQAO Math classes testing


·      Grade 9 EQAO Math Classes testing

·      Classes End

·      Second Semester Final Exams

·      Final Report Card pick-up/mailed early July

  • Be sure to check out the School Calendar for all of Mary’s High School events.

Guidance Department


Guidance and Career Education plays a central role by preparing students for a complex and changing world. The Guidance program has a specific focus on learner, interpersonal, and career development. The Guidance team plays a key role in preparing students for the future. Each student is assigned a Guidance Counsellor with whom they can work with to achieve learning goals and prepare for the future. Guidance Counsellors see students by appointment to discuss pathway, special programs, timetable/course, and post-secondary planning.


St. Mary’s Catholic High School Guidance Department 



 Mrs. Popovich, Last Names: A to K 

vpopovich@ldcsb.ca / Ext. 27042



Mrs. Copeland, Last Names: L to Z

tcopeland@ldcsb.ca / Ext. 27041



Mrs. Montigny, Student Support Administrator

rmontigny@ldcsb.ca / Ext. 27040


Community Service


"The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it." Mother Teresa

​Community Service encourages students to develop social responsibility, to appreciate the various roles they can play in their communities and to help them develop a greater sense of belonging within their respective communities. Every student who begins secondary school in Ontario will be required to complete 40 hours of community service as part of his/her diploma requirements. Effective July 1, 2011 students will be able to start accumulating community involvement hours in the summer before they enter grade 9. 

Homework Help and Tips


Homework Tips.   


  • Create a Homework Plan
  • Understand the assignment. Write it down in your notebook or planner.]
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions about what's expected.
  • Start right away.
  • Budget your time.
  • Find a quiet place to focus.
  • Avoid studying on your bed.
  • Tackle the hardest assignments
  • Keep moving
  • Take breaks.
  • Find out the times the teacher is available for extra help and ask questions. 

SMHS Math Help

  • Math help is every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:50 to 3:30 pm.

Homework Help

  • Homework Help is a free online math tutoring site for Grade 7, 8, 9 and 10 students who are taking mathematics. Homework Help offers live tutoring sessions in one-to-one confidential online environments. Students can ask questions, use online tools, and improve their math abilities. Homework Help is available Sunday to Thursday evenings from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m.
  • Students can access the resource at http://homeworkhelp.ilc.org using their Ontario Education Number (OEN) which can be found on the report card.



Getting Involved: Athletics & Clubs


Students are strongly encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. Fees may be charged to help cover additional costs, and fundraising may occur for some teams/clubs. St. Mary’s Catholic High School offers a rich variety of Athletic Teams, Clubs and Activities, there is something for every student!


Warrior Athletics


St. Mary’s has a long history of pride, tradition, and excellence in our interschool athletics program. Every year we have a tremendous amount of staff, alumni and community members who volunteer hundreds of hours coaching our students to meet their athletic potential. The primary objective of the Athletics Department is to maximize participation in healthy active living & sport through co-curricular and extra-curricular involvement. We offer the following sports:

Fall Season

Winter Season

Spring Season

Basketball – Girls  

Basketball – Boys 

Badminton - Jr. & Sr. (Co-Ed) 

Cross Country 


Baseball - Boys 


Volleyball - Girls 

Hockey – Boys Varsity & Jr. Boys 

Volleyball - Boys 


Hockey - Girls Varsity 



Soccer – Boys Varsity & Girls Varsity 






Track & Field 


Clubs & Activities


We offer the following Clubs and Activities:


  • Audio-Visual Broadcasting  
  • Best Buddies
  • Chess Club
  • Good Samaritan Team (GST)
  • Grad Committee
  • Math Competitions
  • Photography
  • Prom Committee
  • Robotics
  • Technology/Woodworking
  • Tennis Club
  • United Nations Club
  • Yearbook

Personal Electronic Devices


The expectation is that PEDs are off and out of sight during the instructional time and in all instructional spaces. PEDs may be used only with the express permission of the classroom teacher and only in a manner that supports the teaching-learning process.

Prohibited uses of PEDs by students that may result indisciplinary actions up to and including confiscation, detention, suspension or expulsion and/or the involvement of policy services include but are not limited to the following:


  • Use in any way that compromises the academic integrity of student assessment and evaluation (e.g. using PED’s during exams, tests, quizzes, assignments, projects, etc.)
  • Use in any way that interferes with or disrupts the instructional day or the teaching/learning environment
  • Use in any way that facilitates the commission of a crime
  • Any other use of PEDs that compromises an individual’s reputation or character or interferes with school security, personal safety, individual dignity and privacy or academic integrity. In all cases, the decision of the Principal or Vice-Principal is final.



Computer Usage


  • The effective, ethical, and safe use of the school computer system, including the Internet, is the responsibility of the board, school staff, parents, and students. To access the Internet resources of the school, parents, guardians, or students must complete the Student Application of Internet Access.
  • This form will be kept on file and students who fail to comply with regulations established by the board and the school may have their computer privileges revoked. Each student will receive enough print credits to complete assignments and projects for the year. Students exceeding allotments may purchase additional credits. This policy is intended to encourage responsible use of the resources of the school.



Distinctive expectations for graduates of Catholic schools are determined and shaped by the vision and destiny of the human personemerging from our faith tradition. This Christian anthropology, or worldview, reveals the dignity and value of the person. Our tradition tells us God creatively and lovingly calls each of us into the wonder of life, sustaining us by the power of the Holy Spirit, throughout the human journey, into life eternal. We acknowledge that the journey includes moments of brokenness and sin. We recognize in the person of Jesus, the risen Christ, the human face of God sharing our life in order to heal us of our brokenness and liberate us from sin.


This Christian vision of the human journey is best understood within the context of a relationship. It is accomplished in community, in solidarity with brothers and sisters in the church and beyond.

Catholic education views human life as an integration of body, mind and spirit. Rooted in this vision, Catholic education fosters the search for knowledge as a lifelong spiritual and academic quest. The expectations of Catholic graduates, therefore, are described not only in terms of knowledge and skills, but in terms of values, attitudes and actions.


The Graduate is expected to be:


  • discerning believer formed in the Catholic Faith community who celebrates the signs and sacred mystery of God’s presence through word, sacrament, prayer, forgiveness, reflection and moral living.
  • An effective communicator, who speaks, writes and listens honestly and sensitively, responding critically in light of gospel values.
  • reflective, creative and holistic thinker who solves problems and makes responsible decisions with an informed moral conscience for the common good.
  • self-directed, responsible, lifelong learner who develops and demonstrates their God-given potential.
  • collaborative contributor who finds meaning, dignity and vocation in work which respects the rights of all and contributes to the common good.
  • caring family member who attends to family, school, parish, and the wider community.
  • responsible citizen who gives witness to Catholic social teaching by promoting peace, justice and the sacredness of human life. ​ 

The Institute for Catholic Education outlines specific competencies for each of the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations.