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Resources for the Lenten Season

Further to the great engagement and feedback the London Diocese received about the Lenten Resources created to encourage families to pray together during the Lenten season; similar Easter Resources have been uploaded to the Diocese of London website.


Resources include, in English and French:

      (Poster) Tips for family prayer during the Easter Season

      (Script) Liturgy of the Word for Easter Sunday

      (Vdieo) Easter Sunday Gospel Reflection by Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Dabrowski, CSMA


Video Links:

Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Dabrowski's Easter Reflection for Families (English) 


Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Dabrowski's Easter Reflection for Families (French) 


Everything can be accessed in both languages here:




Two notable credits:

      The Reflection videos include a short animation of Bishop Joseph. This would not have been possible without Dorothy de Bakker sharing her talent. Great thanks!

      All other art in the Reflection was sourced from Danielle Hitchen, author of the Baby Believer series of Catechesis Books. My little ones love her board books and (sometimes free) printable colouring pages. They also make a beautiful Scripture/image display of our family prayer space. Check them all out at

The Hub for Parents & Caregivers is a virtual space offered the first and third Tuesday of each month, promoting wellness for parents and caregivers in Oxford and Elgin counties. Co-developed by Wellkin and Oxford County Library, The Hub is a space for learning, community, encouragement, and connections. A place where parents can learn about local resources and connect with others.

Information for Parents of SMH Students

As a parent of one or more of our students, you are an important partner to us. We see you as a key player in supporting your son and/or daughter towards achieving their best. As we continue to build this portion of our site, please feel free to let us know what information you would like to see here.

Resources for Parents

Abuse, Bullying, Addiction, Health, Internet Safety, Peer Pressure, Relationships, Teen Suicide

SOS Safety Magazine is an Ontario Free resource and anyone can subscribe to the magazine directly to their inbox. 

SOS helps kids, parents, and educators start
conversations about the tough issues families face
every day
And the challenges keep stacking up.

Kids deal with bullying, drugs, addiction, mental health issues, and a growing list of threats regularly. Parents struggle to connect with their children and keep them safe, and educators are tasked with teaching life skills but often fail to address the real issues at hand.

That’s where SOS Safety Magazine come in.

We start tough conversations when others won’t and create content that gives people the language they need to stay safe and keep the conversations going.

Whether we’re talking to kids directly about their problems or addressing a parent’s concerns on how to connect with their child about a difficult subject – we’re creating a place for families to come together and grow stronger through education and understanding.

Drugs, Cannibis, Smoking, Vaping
Guide to EQAO tests (Math & Literacy)
Community Involvement Activities Form

Ontario 211 | Community and Social Services Help Line
Ontario 211 is a free helpline that connects you to community and social services in your area 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in over 150 languages.

Big White Wall – the support community for emotional health

Big White Wall is a community of members who talk openly about their worries, helping each other by sharing what’s troubling them in a safe and anonymous environment with trained guides online 24/7. 95% of members feel better after using Big White Wall…

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