The Ontario high school mathematics curriculum gives students the opportunity to develop their numeracy and problem solving skills.  The curriculum is designed to prepare students for the three pathways that exist after high school, that is, the world of work, college or university.  It is important that students enrol in the course that is best suited to their academic ability and future career path.  In grade nine and ten students have the option of taken mathematics at the workplace, applied or academic levels.  The academic and applied level introduce students to linear and quadratic relations as well as right angle trigonometry.  In grade eleven students have the option of taking university, university/college, or college level mathematics.  Grade twelve students have two courses available at the college level as well as the following three university level courses; data management, advanced functions and calculus. The work place mathematics also known as ‘mathematics for everyday living’ is offered at every grade level. 

Students who experience success in mathematics complete their homework nightly, seek help outside of the regular class time when difficulties arise, attend all classes and prepare well for tests and the final exam.  It is therefore encouraged that students see their teacher for extra help when needed. 

Grade 9 students will receive information from their mathematics teacher regarding the E.Q.A.O. math testing that will occur near the end of their course.  Preparation for this mandatory assessment occurs throughout the semester, and students must be present for the designated dates, since it also counts as the final project in the course.  An information letter for parents will be sent home as the date approaches. 

Business studies students also are encouraged to speak with their teachers when difficulties with curriculum arise.  Success in every course comes with hard work and effective communication. 

University of Waterloo offers enrichment opportunities to students through participation in their annual mathematics contests.  Announcements will be made in the new year for students to sign up for the contests.